Innovations in Imaging

Innovations in Imaging…. resolve issues of trap size and shape, structural and stress changes between wells, and improve the accuracy of attribute calculations !

Accurate subsurface prediction is the goal of every geophysical program. This desired accuracy depends on integrating new drilling information quickly and accurately before the next well however, the process often takes more time than is reasonable to keep up with today’s fast paced drilling programs.  Because of this, geoscience risk analysis becomes constrained by a lack of data points that could be generated from multiple iterations of depth migration.

Tsunami has developed a creative, practical and, cost effective solution for subsurface prediction by providing geoscientists affordable access to high performance computers, leading edge software, training, and support. With “On-demand Imaging” the drilling program can take advantage of depth re-migrations in “days” instead of “months.”

Understand the risks

What-if scenario analysis

Quantify uncertainty

Reduce turnaround

Direct access to technology and cluster

Dedicated teams

Flexible workflows

Innovative Business Model

Fixed term

Fixed price



Don’t limit your ideas. Use a multiple realizations approach












Our Goal...Technology for Decision Support

  • Illustrate the range of possible geologic structures, not just a single image of the structure
  • Provide models that are properly correlated to the geology
  • Provide rapid answers for management “what if” questions
  • Connect seismic work flows to the interpretation, pore pressure analysis, and drilling decisions




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