PSTM  (Pre-stack Time Migration) includes straight ray, curved ray and eikonal travel times. Turning waves are supported for imaging beyond ninety degrees, which is useful for imaging salt overhangs or over thrust geology. PSTM includes AVO-compliant amplitude preservation techniques, and is often the preferred application for true amplitude migrations.



PSDM (Pre-stack Depth Migration) uses the Tsunami Ray Tracer to calculate travel times tables. The travel times may be obtained from first arrivals, maximum energy, minimum distance or, eikonal calculations. PSDM supports ISO, TTI and VTI modeling. Tsunami Desktop Solutions are used to build epsilon and delta models.



TOMO is a second generation, grid based tomography.  It includes sophisticated software for gather conditioning and picking residual velocities which are key to superior results. New  features include:

  1. “Multi-pass” grid cell refinement with each iteration
  2. User specified velocity constant which may be water, salt, shallow horizons, etc
  3. User controlled model smoothing
  4. Gather conditioning
  5. Residual velocity picking



RTM  (Reverse Time Migration)  is a shot domain migration. Tsunami's RTM implements wave propagation calculations in a highly parallel environment for efficient propagation of the waves through subsurface media. By storing every source wave time step it solves the problem of reverse order access to the source time steps for correlation with those of the receivers.

Additionally, RTM 's program design addresses the challenges of managing jobs on large, heterogeneous clusters and minimizing the memory and disk storage requirements on compute nodes.


Desktop Solutions

The Tsunami Toolbox provides the interpreter powerful horizon, seismic and, velocity conditioning programs designed to minimize costly re-processing steps in workflows such as mute, stack, and gather conditioning.


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